acSoft Inc 2023 Year in Review: Crowning Achievements

acSoft Inc 2023 Year in Review: Crowning Achievements

As we end 2023, acSoft Inc celebrates an exceptional year of progress and tremendous expansion. From impressive achievements to phenomenal growth, we have accomplished incredible feats with the help of our professional team. With a 175% increase in our customer base, we’ve solidified our position as a certified ServiceNow Build Partner, specializing in cutting-edge BI Connectors that seamlessly integrate business intelligence tools with ServiceNow.

Our first Year in Review highlights acSoft’s Inc commitment to ServiceNow excellence and showcases great results, including the launch of the new Tableau Connector for ServiceNow and the release of 11 app versions with 20 new features. Join us in exploring our accomplishments in innovation, client success, and the unwavering dedication that establishes a foundation for the quality in the coming years.

New App Release: Tableau Connector for ServiceNow

acSoft Inc 2023 Year in Review: Crowning Achievements

Undoubtedly, the star of the acSoft Inc product lineup 2023 was the Tableau Connector for ServiceNow, which allows the retrieval and visualization of critical ServiceNow metrics within Tableau. Unlocking the potential of unimpeded ServiceNow data export, we take immense pride in presenting the user-centric Tableau Connector for ServiceNow — an integration app developed with high-profile tech staff in the field to perform ServiceNow Tableau integration without no-code experience, eliminating the need for additional training or incurring supplementary expenses. It allows users to focus on deriving meaningful insights from custom reports with the actual ServiceNow data and making cost-effective strategic moves to optimize data research.

The Tableau Connector for ServiceNow provides multiple advanced analytical features, empowering users with automated unlimited ServiceNow data export to create custom reports and multiple dashboards for further analysis easily and accurately: 

Customize ServiceNow Reports

Build customized ServiceNow reports and dashboards to track ServiceNow KPIs and metrics accurately reflecting business workflows. Effortlessly refine data export by filtering tables and fields, facilitating steady data visualization in Tableau.

Export Unlimited Data

Optimize data export and processing through advanced application architecture, enabling the export of extensive data volumes without compromising ServiceNow instance performance.

Schedule Data Export

Enhance efficiency by scheduling automated ServiceNow data exports at preferred times. It ensures reports are consistently up-to-date, eliminating manual interventions, reducing errors, and boosting overall data accuracy.

Secure Data Management

ServiceNow Admin can grant secure data access permissions and conveniently manage users with predefined roles (admin, editor, viewer), ensuring controlled data sharing within the organization.

Easily set up Tableau ServiceNow integration. Just install the Tableau Connector, create a data source, export ServiceNow data to Tableau, and build dashboards with multifacet charts. Explore detailed installation tips on our Documentation page.

Product Development

acSoft Inc 2023 Year in Review: Crowning Achievements

acSoft Inc specializes in facilitating the integration of ServiceNow data with other data sources into existing business analytics software, ensuring a professional and efficient data connectivity solution for your company. Throughout 2023, acSoft Inc demonstrated only the best practices by releasing 11 versions across our all connectors. Five versions were dedicated to the Tableau Connector, while six were developed for the Power BI Connector for ServiceNow, introducing 20 new features, remaining at the forefront of technology, and completing the growing needs of our clientele.

As software development experts focusing on data structure and extraction, acSoft Inc enhances ServiceNow Connectors with intelligent features for more advanced metrics check-ups, maximizing the advantages for users leveraging ServiceNow for their business needs. We were pleased to present in 2023 a series of noteworthy enhancements to our ServiceNow Connectors. These updates are strategically developed to revolutionize data export, optimize resource collection, upholding data accuracy.

Dot-Walking Mechanism 

A transformative dot-walking mechanism simplifies navigation through related records via reference fields and provides direct scripting access to fields and values, enhancing the depth and breadth of data exploration.

Data Source from Existing Reports

The capacity to create Data Source from existing reports enables the efficient creation of data sources by selecting reports directly from the ServiceNow Reporting app, streamlining the process for admins and editors.

Incremental Refresh

Incremental refresh updates datasets with new or modified records since the last export, optimizing data accuracy, which is particularly beneficial for organizations with large datasets.

Power BI Dashboard Templates

Power BI Dashboard Templates for ServiceNow streamline data visualization and automate your ServiceNow reporting experience. by providing pre-configured data sources, enabling quick report creation in Power BI without extensive setup.

Export Database View

With this new feature, Database View can be added to the data source page and easily exported to the Power BI desktop. Select fields (Referenced fields included), set the Use display value option, and set the Filter string to get more accurate data.

Preview Data in the Data Source

Preview data is a user-friendly feature that allows a sneak peek into the data source before importing, facilitating better decision-making during the data extraction.

Customers Growth

acSoft Inc 2023 Year in Review: Crowning Achievements

In 2023, acSoft Inc witnessed substantial growth, encompassing 160 trials. Notably, 20 new customers joined the clientele, indicating a significant 175% increase and marking an outstanding expansion in the number of customers. Highlighting a hardy loyalty to customer satisfaction, we achieved a commendable 62.5% license renewal rate

We value maintaining long-term relationships with our clientele. A good and professional team is one of the best ways to attract customers. We sincerely appreciate our dedicated acSot Inc teams, whose responsibility and skills played a leading role in achieving this exceptional customer growth.

Digital Engagement

acSoft Inc 2023 Year in Review: Crowning Achievements

In a strategic move, acSoft Inc launched its website in 2023, becoming a central crossing for ServiceNow information and ecosystem updates. Developed for data and user accessibility, the website drew considerable traffic and user interaction, signaling a significant achievement in online engagement.

Blog & Social Media 

The acSoft blog produced 17 insightful articles in 2023, demonstrating our dedication to knowledge sharing. These pieces addressed diverse issues and delved into relevant topics within the ServiceNow community, solidifying our blog’s position as a key resource for ServiceNow insights.

On the social media front, acSoft LinkedIn page evolved into a vibrant hub for engagement, amassing 311 followers. Over the year, the page showcased 28 informative posts, drawing in 500+ visitors keen on staying abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Events & Webinars 

Participation in the ServiceNow User Group meeting in Warsaw marked a highlight for acSoft, addressing a sizable audience of 230 attendees and highlighting our active ServiceNow community involvement. 

acSoft actively engaged with the ServiceNow community through 3 ServiceNow webinars: 

  1. ServiceNow Analytics with Tableau ServiceNow Integration
  2. Custom ServiceNow Reports with BI Tools
  3. ServiceNow Data Analysis: BI Integration & Practical Cases
Anton Storozhuk, CEO at acSoft Inc
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