acSoft Inc Speaks Up at ServiceNow Community Summit in Warsaw

On the 21st of September, acSoft Inc participated in the ServiceNow Community Summit held in Warsaw, having an opportunity to speak up about the ServiceNow Reporting options, including Power BI ServiceNow Integration. The event saw 230 attendees and provided a unique networking platform within the vibrant ServiceNow community.

Alpha Serve Speaks up at ServiceNow Community Summit in Warsaw

Khrystyna Shparyk, our Business Development & Partner Manager, took the stage as a speaker. She captivated the audience with her insights on “How to optimize ServiceNow Reporting and Costs of your company with Power BI ServiceNow Integration”. Her expertise in the field left an indelible mark on the attendees, providing them with valuable knowledge on improving their ServiceNow processes and cost management.

Alpha Serve Speaks up at ServiceNow Community Summit in Warsaw

In short, her 30-minute speech was about how you can unlock advanced data visualization and flexible analysis capabilities, empowering your organization to gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions with Power BI ServiceNow integration.

Alpha Serve Speaks up at ServiceNow Community Summit in Warsaw

So, when integrating Power BI with ServiceNow, you have several methods. Each method has its own set of advantages and limitations, allowing you to tailor your integration approach to your specific needs:

Method 1: REST API – Direct Communication, Cost-Effective, Data Limitations

The REST API method enables direct communication between ServiceNow and Power BI. It’s a cost-effective option, but it comes with data limitations, which may impact the depth of your analysis.

Method 2: CSV Files – Quick and Cost-Free, Manual, Refresh Limitations

This method involves exporting data from ServiceNow in CSV format and importing it into Power BI. It’s a quick and cost-free option, but it can be a manual process, and there are limitations when it comes to data refresh.

Method 3: CData – Customizable, Potential Performance Issues

CData provides a customizable approach to integration, allowing you to tailor the connection to your specific requirements. However, it may have potential performance issues that need to be addressed.

Method 4: Power BI Connector for ServiceNow – Hassle-Free Integration

The Power BI Connector for ServiceNow stands out as a hassle-free solution for integration. It streamlines data extraction and analysis, eliminating many of the challenges associated with the other methods. This approach ensures a smooth and efficient integration experience, allowing you to focus on data analysis rather than dealing with integration hurdles.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the ServiceNow Community Summit in Warsaw”, said Khrystyna Shparyk, our Business Development & Manager. “It was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from industry leaders, and showcase how Power BI ServiceNow Integration can transform businesses”.

acSoft Inc’s presence at the summit reinforced its position as a vendor in ServiceNow integration solutions. With a team of dedicated professionals like Khrystyna Shparyk, they continue to provide innovative solutions that enhance the ServiceNow experience for their clients.

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