Everything You Must Know About ServiceNow

In the modern digital world, enterprise organizations use IT technologies to automate everyday tasks and boost operational efficiency. ServiceNow is a single service platform that enables businesses to manage their processes more effectively. ServiceNow provides cloud-based IT solutions and resource management to over 30,000 fast-growing companies worldwide.

This article outlines what is ServiceNow and its products, how they can be used, and how they can assist your company in accomplishing its objectives.

What is ServiceNow

What is ServiceNow? ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform originally started in 2004 as a software-as-a-service solution for IT service management. Since then, it has evolved into an enterprise management and workflow automation tool. It offers a suite of products to streamline various business processes from a centralized system. ServiceNow enables organizations to manage IT services, customer service, human resources, and other critical functions in an integrated manner, thereby improving efficiency and collaboration across departments.

Beyond its foundational features, ServiceNow prioritizes user experience and innovation. With its intuitive interface and robust functionalities, ServiceNow empowers users to efficiently handle existing workflows while also encouraging adaptation and innovation to meet evolving business needs. Furthermore, ServiceNow’s scalable architecture ensures that organizations can seamlessly expand and adapt their usage as they grow, making it an invaluable asset for modern enterprises aiming to thrive in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

What Is ServiceNow Used for

Organizations can effectively manage and track workflows, customer interactions with on-suite ticketing tools and plugins, project benchmarking, and predictive modeling using ServiceNow business support features with several plugins and apps. The three central offerings of ServiceNow are IT service management (ITSM), IT business management (ITBM), and IT operations management (ITOM). In addition to the set of native services, ServiceNow also integrates with various external apps and plugins to reorganize and automate business operations. 

ServiceNow ​​SaaS: Software as a Service

The ServiceNow software as a service business model is based on the provision of products through the use of cloud-based technologies. It is a software distribution approach in which third-party add-ons host applications. ServiceNow offers businesses a collection of applications that lessen the workload on in-house IT professionals by replacing the need to install and maintain software. The apps are largely designed to automate processes and workflows in IT, Human Resources, and Customer Service. 

ServiceNow PaaS: Platform as a Service

The ServiceNow PaaS enables customers to create custom business applications with minimum code and many pre-built capabilities. The PaaS model provides flexibility, simplicity, and the possibility of building apps adapted to the organization’s needs without maintenance, versions, or updates. This model allows organizations to create their own apps or tools using the ServiceNow platform. The deployment of these tools is entirely under your control, while ServiceNow provides the needed network capabilities, server, and storage required for these apps to work. 

ServiceNow Benefits

ServiceNow is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes across various industries. The powerful workflow automation platform offers numerous advantages for organizations, including redefining the IT service experience and helping different teams and departments gain real visibility and control over their operations.  

Managing day-to-day operations with the ServiceNow cloud-based system makes your operational process more agile by consolidating many functions into a unified platform. The fact that ServiceNow is cloud-based also helps reduce infrastructure and data transfer costs. Why use ServiceNow? The following are some of the key ServiceNow benefits.  

Business Processes Automation

ServiceNow’s process automation feature helps to organize key business processes and minimize the amount of manual work that needs to be done for enterprises to operate efficiently. Duplicative processes are set on auto-drive thanks to automated workflows. Business process automation also helps to eliminate human error and make timely discoveries of problems more efficiently. 

Single Data Source

The unified platform provided by ServiceNow is a single source of truth that brings an organization’s tools, applications, and data under a single umbrella. It optimizes operations and also increases efficiency. For instance, customer service teams can pull data from IT or marketing to respond to customer requests and resolve issues promptly and efficiently.   


As an organization grows, it might need to build more apps or adopt other IT solutions. ServiceNow is a flexible cloud-based platform that can be easily integrated and used with other IT tools. It makes it easier to scale your business without worrying about how your IT infrastructure fits together.    

Security Management

ServiceNow’s security management features can improve an organization’s cyber resilience and optimize vulnerability management by improving response to security incidents. It reduces the cost of IT service monitoring considerably. The platform offers robust security management features. Also, it connects with your existing security tools for better security compliance.

ServiceNow Products

As a full-service cloud-based automation solution, ServiceNow offers a robust suite of products and features that improves an organization’s operational efficiency and structure routine activities. The software as a service solution includes various tools to arrange employees’ tasks and manage internal IT issues effectively. 

ServiceNow platform also allows organizations to build apps that support resource and data sharing, real-time communication collaboration, and so on. ServiceNow integrates with third-party products as well. All of these are banded together to form a range of ServiceNow products that elevate efficiency in an organization’s service operations. 

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

ServiceNow provides a range of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools to help businesses manage their IT infrastructure and operations more efficiently. With ServiceNow, companies can organize their IT processes and reduce costs while improving the quality of service they provide to their customers. 

ServiceNow offers a range of features, such as incident management, problem management, and service level management. With ServiceNow, IT businesses can track and prioritize service requests, automate workflows, and ultimately boost productivity while reducing downtime in service delivery. 

Information Technology Business Management (ITBM)

ServiceNow offers software tools and services that effectively help organizations manage their IT investments. It enables businesses to align their IT with their overall business goals, optimize their IT investments, and deliver better customer services. 

ServiceNow’s ITBM product includes a comprehensive set of tools for managing IT resources, including project management, resource management, financial management, and portfolio management. 

Customer Service Management (CSM)

With the ServiceNow software, businesses can manage and optimize their customer service operations for greater efficiency and productivity. The ServiceNow CSM product offers a centralized dashboard for tracking customer inquiries and setting up automated workflows to route and prioritize service requests. 

Customer Service Management offers real-time analytics to monitor service performance across the customer service department. It also facilitates collaboration among customer service teams, provides self-service portals for customers, and integrates with other systems to streamline customer service operations.

Information Technology Asset Management

ServiceNow ITAM solution provides real-time visibility into the IT asset inventory of an organization with features such as asset ownership, location, configuration, and usage. This ServiceNow product enables organizations to keep track of all their IT assets and associated costs, which helps make informed decisions regarding asset management. The Information Technology Asset Management tool also automates many asset management processes, such as procurement, tracking, and retirement of assets.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Similar to the IT asset management tool, SAM is a module within the ServiceNow platform that helps organizations effectively manage their software assets throughout their lifecycle. Software Asset Management enables organizations to gain visibility into their software assets, including their usage and licensing information. 

With SAM, organizations can track their software usage to ensure compliance with licensing agreements. SAM features include license reconciliation, software recognition, and vendor management to help organizations manage their software assets effectively.

Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD)

Human Resource Service Delivery is a powerful solution that helps organizations manage their human resources processes more effectively. HRSD empowers HR departments to provide a more organized and efficient service to employees, reducing the time and effort required to manage HR operations. As a result, delivery products companies can automate many HR processes, including onboarding, offboarding, employee data management, and performance management.

ServiceNow Pricing

ServiceNow cost varies based on several factors, such as your industry, the size of your company, the number of users, your ServiceNow product and package preferences, and the license types you get.

Given all these, the only way to learn how much does ServiceNow cost is to talk to ServiceNow or a partner. Regardless of the upfront cost, you should know that using ServiceNow comes with a lot of cost reduction and excellent returns on Investment, which ends up making up for the upfront cost in the long run. 

ServiceNow Partnership

As we have described, ServiceNow is a platform that can solve business problems in any department, which makes it a large-scale tool. ServiceNow aims to automate all business processes and unite all company branches using a single tool. Thus, it improves and structures the service delivery process to ensure consistency. 

The successful ServiceNow implementation for its customers relies heavily on the efforts of ServiceNow partners. acSoft is one of the limited ServiceNow Technical partners and has been recognized by ServiceNow for some success metrics. These metrics include customer satisfaction, successful implementations, and a steadfast dedication to providing quality customer service. In addition, acSoft has proven its worth in its ability to quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues and provide tailored solutions.

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